Germany’s G20 Presidency offers a window of opportunity for raising ambition in climate action. The G20 can give a powerful signal for the implementation of the Paris Agreement. In particular, the G20 can take steps towards removing fossil fuel subsidies, adapt financial regulation to reflect climate risks and shift investments from fossil fuel to low carbon technologies.


How to raise ambition in climate action in G20 countries?

26 January 2017
French Embassy in Berlin, Wilhelmstraße 69, 10117 Berlin

The Brown to Green Forum discussed with high-level representatives and experts from G20 countries how to increase ambition for climate action in the G20. It explored policy options, opportunities and new coalitions within the G20 and particularly discussed the role of the financial sector to drive the shift from fossil-fuel to low-carbon investments. Climate Transparency further presented a comparison of G20 countries’ climate action.

The Brown to Green Forum – concluding a two-days strategy meeting of Climate Transparency’s partners – convened international experts from governments, academia, civil society and the financial sector of G20 countries. The Forum was hosted jointly by the French Embassy in Germany, Stiftung Mercator and Climate Transparency and supported by the World Bank.

Download the Agenda of the Brown to Green Forum.

A detailed report of the Forum will be available on the website soon.


PLANNING WORKSHOP (24 – 25 January 2017)

To drive the implementation of the Paris Agreement under the German G20 presidency, Climate Transparency will publish its 2017 “Brown to Green” Report before the G20 summit in July 2016. Providing a credible and comprehensive comparison of the climate performance of G20 countries the report also strives to stimulate national debate in these countries. Several communication activities in different countries and a launch event are planned around the publication of the report.

During the two-day Planning Workshop prior to the Brown to Green Forum, the international partners of and advisors to the Climate Transparency consortium discussed and decided on the 2017 activities. This included particularly, the content of the 2017 report – including the development of an G20 index – as well as country-specific communication plans.