G20 Brown to Green Report 2018_v1

Brown to Green Report 2018 gives a credible, comprehensive and comparable picture on the climate performance of G20 countries. It provides an easy-to-use information on mitigation, vulnerability and finance prepared jointly by Partners of Climate Transparency and other renowned experts.

The report consists of a Summary Report, which draws on the country data and summarizes the main trends, and 20 comparative Country Profiles for each G20 country (incl. the EU). Findings are based on publicly available data by renowned institutions.

The Summary Report 2018 provides a comprehensive overview of all G20 countries, whether – and how well – they are doing on the journey to transition to a low-carbon economy. It assesses the main trends for the G20 in emissions, climate policy performance, finance, and decarbonisation. The report summarises and compares the findings presented in Climate Transparency’s country profiles for each G20 country (incl. the EU).

Each of the G20 countries is presented in a Country Profile, which describes in detail the performance of the country in fields of: greenhouse gas (GHG), emissions development, climate policy performance adaptation, just transition, NDCs) as well as financing the transition and decarbonisation. In each Profile you will also find examples of green and brown practices.