The Brown to Green Report 2018 comparing G20 climate acrtion informs policy makers and stimulates national debates.

Christiana Figueres, Michał Kurtyka, Connie Hedegaard, Paul Polman and Laurence Tubiana state why the report is relevant:

“Global emissions need to peak in 2020. The Brown to Green report provides us with an independent stocktake, where we stand now. This is valuable information for countries, when they declare their contributions in 2020.”

Christiana Figueres, Former Executive Secretary, UNFCCC (2010-2015) and Convenor, Mission 2020

“Global climate action needs to be enhanced to safeguard the temperature goal of the Paris Agreement. The Brown to Green report contributes to our knowledge on how to make a transition to climate-resilient low emission development. It shows where we stand, it is a learning platform and demonstrates good practices in G20 countries.”

Michał Kurtyka, COP24 President

“The Brown to Green Report provides transparency about climate actions: Where are the gaps? Where are we running behind? And where does words and actions not fit? This mapping is a crucial tool for those who want more action.”

Connie Hedegaard, Former European Commissioner for Climate Action (2010-2014)

“Business needs to lead in the transition to a low-carbon economy. The Brown to Green Report sends a strong signal to the G20 that financial markets and economic development are dependent on ambitious climate action.”

Paul Polman, Co-Chair of The Global Commission on The Economy and Climate, CEO of Unilever

“This year’s Brown to Green Report follows a major UN climate science assessment underlining the urgency of immediate action as well as a raft of extreme weather events that have wrecked lives and caused billions of dollars of damage. In the face of such overwhelming evidence, it’s clear that G20 countries must rise to the challenge and reap the rewards from tackling the climate challenge. Especially in the areas of power and transport sectors there is a need to work harder, much harder.”

Laurence Tubiana, CEO of the European Climate Foundation and architect of the Paris Agreement