On 9 September 2021 the Brazilian partner of Climate Transparency, Centro Clima, organised an online event on climate finance in Brazil, during which main findings of the “Climate Finance in Brazil” policy paper have been presented. The event was attended by representatives of the national government, NGOs, business, think tanks, academia and the private sector. During the event, special emphasis was put on the importance to upscale climate finance in the country. After the presentation, difficulties and possible instruments to overcome them were discussed by the speakers and participants.

Main findings of the event include:

– Despite the growing volume of green and sustainable investments, total amounts are still far from what is necessary to promote a transition to a sustainable and low-carbon economy;

– The financial sector is important for mobilizing and channeling the financial resources to low-carbon, resilient and sustainable investments. Public resources alone will not be sufficient;

– It is important to adjust and propose new financial policies and regulations to facilitate investments in low carbon projects.

Climate Finance in Brazil