GIZ- CHINA together with Climate Transparency organised the Beijing Climate Leadership Talk on Climate Action of the G20 countries, which took place on 11 September 2018 in Beijing, China. The goal of the event was to discuss climate action of the G20 countries, based on the data from the Brown to Green Report, as well as to identify areas of progress and further actions needed to meet the Paris Agreement.

The presentation of climate action in the G20 countries, conducted by Dr. Gerd Leipold, Program Director of the initiative Climate Transparency, was followed by a discussion, during which the following questions have been raised:

Three years after Paris: Where should climate leadership come from? Governments, business or civil society?

-How can countries be convinced to scale up their climate ambitions?

-How can we stimulate competition on climate ambitions between G20 countries?

-What role could China play in the international climate process?