Climate Transparency’s Partner in Mexico, Iniciativa Climática de México, organised on 31 March 2020 an online seminar entitled: “Decarbonisation in the transport sector of Mexico”.

The greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the transport sector in Mexico have increased at a higher rate than any other end-use energy sector. The decarbonisation of transport is critical to prevent global warming from exceeding 1.5°C at the end of this century.

Within the range of alternatives to reduce emissions from the transport sector and improve air quality in cities, electrification has positioned itself as a necessary and economically viable alternative globally. To estimate the benefits of the implementation of an electromobility strategy at the national level, ICM analysed how ambitious such policy should be by 2030 to reach an emission scenario of 2°C and increase the economic, environmental and health benefits associated.

What is needed is to strengthen the political and institutional approach, which will result in delivering significant socio-environmental benefits and place Mexico’s GHG emissions in the trajectory to comply the national and international climate commitments.

During the workshop the results of the study conducted by ICM will be presented, followed by a discussion on challenges and opportunities of the transport sector in Mexico through multi-stakeholder dialogue as well as knowledge exchange about decarbonising the transport sector.

Download the Agenda (in Spanish)

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Video recording of the webinar