Climate Transparency launched its 2016 Report “Brown to Green – Assessing the G20 transition to a low-carbon economy” at a workshop in Beijing on 1 September shortly before the G20 Summit. International media work and a press briefing in Beijing and Mexico City resonated in nearly 500 stories in newspapers.

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Australia’s Minister for the Environment and Energy on Climate Transparency in the press

Australia’s low-carbon development is rated worst in the Climate Transparency 2016 assessment. Australia’s Minister for the Environment and Energy publicly defended the country’s climate policy with regards to the findings of the “Brown to Green” Report (Climate change report inaccurate: Josh Frydenberg, The Australian, 5 September 2016). In an open letter to the Australian Minister, Climate Transparency explained the report’s findings on Australia’s climate action. In a response letter, the Department of the Environment and Energy invited Climate Transparency to further discuss Australia’s domestic climate change policies.


Selected newspaper articles on the “Brown to Green” Report 2016


Ecologistas advierten al G20 de los peligros del uso del carbón, MDZ Online, 1 September 2016


Australia among the climate laggards as G20 action falls far short of goals, Brisbane Times, Canberra Times, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Western Australia Today, 1 September 2016

Australia worst among G20 on climate action: new report, Climate Council, 2 September 2016

A stich in time will stop climate change, The Examiner, 3 September 2016

What are the G20 members really doing about climate change?, The Fifth Estate, 6 September 2016


G20 perderá meta de Paris, diz relatório, Envolverde, Observatório Do Clima, 2 September 2016


G20 states must take harder line on carbon emissions: NGOs, Digital Journal, 1 September 2016

Energie/climat: des ONG pointent l’effort encore insufficient des pays du G20, Le Journal de Montréal, Le Journal de Québec, lineamarco, 1 September 2016


China, US set to release review of each other’s fossil fuel subsidies in historic move at G20 summit, South China Morning Post, 31 August 2016

Report says China has the highest renewable energy investment attractiveness among G20 countries, 21st Century Business Herald,,, 1 September 2016

报告称中国在G20中可再生能源投资吸引力为最高级, 泡泡网, 财经新闻_21财经搜索, 光伏商贸网, 1 September

中国在G20中可再生能源投资吸引力为最高级, 中国风力发电信息网, 中国风能产业网, 全球新能源网, 北极星电力技术网, 2 September 2016

G20国家气候评估报告发布, 政经频道, 捷利深度数据中心, 南海网, 2 September 2016

Xi, Obama commit to climate deal, China Daily, China Economic Net, East Day, Guangming Online, 4 September 2016

World’s top 20 economies not doing enough to fight climate change, says consortium of think tanks, South China Morning Post, 5 September 2016


Energie/climat: des ONG pointent l’effort encore insuffisant des pays du G20, Boursorama, L’Express, Le Revenu, 1 September 2016

COP21 : trois raisons de voir la Chine comme un (étonnant) leader de la lutte contre les gaz à effet de serre, France TV, 3 September

COP21 : la Chine et les États-Unis ratifient l’accord de Paris sur le climat, Le Figero, 4 September

Le G20 est loin d’être passé au vert, L’Humanité, 5 September 2016


Klimaschützer: G20 muss mehr für Klimaschutz tun,, Die Welt, Focus Online, Frankfurter Rundschau, Stern, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Zeit Online, 1 September

G-20-Staaten gefährden Zwei-Grad-Ziel, Zeit Online, 1 September

Schon angegrünt, aber noch zu kohlelastig, Deutschlandfunk, 1 September

Sechsfaches Tempo nötig,, 6 September


G20 states must take harder carbon line: NGOs, Business Standard, 1 September

Brown to green: assessing the G20 transition to a low-carbon economy, India Environmental Portal, 1 September 2016

G20 countries are continuing to increase, a report from Climate Transparency, Mail Andhra, 2 September

G20 countries score poorly in climate goals report, The Hindu, 2 September 2016


G20: non pronti al passaggio alla green economy, serve un maggiore sforzo,, La, NotiziarioItaliano, 1 September 2016

G20: Renzi arriva in Cina per discutere di crescita e rapporti internazionali, Mondu TiVu, 4 September 2016


Insuficientes las acciones de México para compatir el cambio climático, Informante, 6 September 2016

Destinan apenas 1% para acciones contra cambio climático, Capital, 7 September 2016

México no cumplirá metas contra el cambio climático, Informavallarta, 7 September 2016

México no cumplirá en reducción de emisiones, Milenio, 7 September 2016


G20 Must Cut Emissions by 85% by 2030 to Meet Paris Deal Goals – Study, Sputnik News, 1 September

Saudi Arabia

Group of 20 states ‘must take harder carbon line’, Arab News, 1 September 2016

South Africa

G20 states must take harder line on carbon emissions: NGOs, Barberton Times, Bedfordview Edenvale News, Berea Mail, Capricorn Voice, Estcourt and Midland News, Germiston City News, Hazyview Herald, Joburg East Express

United Kingdom

The US and China are taking unprecedented steps amid historic climate change agreement, Business Insider UK, 1 September 2016

China’s low carbon transition in infographics, ChinaDialogue, 1 September 2016

G20 will blow the Paris climate targets – report, Climate Change News, 1 September 2016

Australia worst among G20 when it comes to action on climate change, report finds, The Guardian, 1 September 2016

United States

G20 states must take harder line on carbon emissions: NGOs,, Rocket News, Yahoo! Finance, 1 September 2016

G20 Emissions Pledges Are Nowhere Near Adequate, Eco Watch, 1 September 2016

G20 Emissions Pledges are Far Too Low, India America Today, 2 September 2016